WINEKIA helps you calculate the carbon footprint of your vineyard operations via simple online tool. Save on reporting time and third party consultancy firms.

Developed exclusively for the wine industry by leading carbon footprint experts and IT system developers:

  • Smart tools that save you time
    • Designed by wineries for wineries using common industry terminology, we have taken complicated carbon accounting calculations and made them easy to understand.
    • Robust software saves you 90% in reporting time by automatically filling in required fields.
  • Save on consultancy costs, our single tool can calculate certifications for multiple wines for a single license.
  • Understand in exhaustive detail your vineyard operation consumption and processes from cradle to grave.
    • Detailed analysis is broken down into stages, field, vineyard, distribution processes (pruning, watering, fertilizer) and big picture scope
    • Learn where you can improve processes for greater efficiency and savings.
    • Best practices and recommendations from experts.



Promote your wines to new customers in new markets through sustainable wine practices.

Consumer awareness and demand for wines that demonstrate greater responsibility to the environment is increasing. Using international certifications demonstrate that your wines are environmentally friendly.

Increased legislation is expected to set more restrictions on laws to meet climate change goals, better tracking and measurement will help to comply to new and future regulations.

Differentiate your wines in a competitive market and access niche markets.

Position your vineyard as a leader in sustainability with Winekia.

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Grapes are extremely sensitive to climate change living a symbiotic relationship with the environment. Climate is a key controlling factor in grape and wine production. Due to global warming, vineyards around the world are studying their grapevines ability to adapt to late ripening, in search of varietals that can adapt better to changing conditions. The result of new varietals can have a detrimental impact to regional grape species, certificates of origin may disappear and wines may change as farmers adapt to new climate conditions using hybrid grapes.

Environmentally conscious grape growing and wine production can have an impact on both your brand and the natural resources that produce wine.

Be part of the change and make a positive commitment by joining us in reducing greenhouse gas emmisions in the wine industry.