Exclusively Developed for Viticulture

WINEKIA has been developed exclusively for the wine industry in collaboration with leading wineries in Spain. Together with the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture and 13 vineyards who participated in the + vino – CO2 project.

Through exhaustive research, developers at Winekia analyzed the most common vineyards production processes and consumption factors and developed a system to better measure and calculate vineyard operational efficiency, exceeding the most stringent regulations.

Designed by wineries for wine makers and enologists using common industry terminology, we have taken complicated carbon accounting calculations and made them easy to understand and adapted it to vineyard production processes.

Our software automatically processes and applies calculations to clearly show carbon impact, data analysis and potential areas from improvement.

A Smart tool for better vineyard management

WINEKIA is a carbon footprint calculator for vineyard operations. Simply enter your data and follow instructions.

The customizable platform can be adapted to your production stages and processes.

Intelligent Online Software

Built using robust software in a secure cloud, you can access vineyard operation data from anywhere in the field through a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

No program installation or updates required ever! WINEKIA is always available with a simple internet connection.

International Certification

Compliant with all the leading certifications, enter your information and generate a report for any of the leading international certifications including PAS 2050, GHG Protocol and ISO 14067.

WINEKIA is independent from any certification bodies giving you the choice to decide what certificates you would like. We are also constantly monitoring new regulations and can update software automatically online so you always have the latest updates.

Big Data & Wine

WINEKIA is a powerful tool that gives you accurate operational data from your vineyard and wines.

Multiple data points are visualized to give you an overview of key areas.

Reporting highlights areas where improvements can be made and an action plan and best practices to improve efficiency and save costs.


WINEKIA has conducted exhaustive research and been verified by the leading International Certificates for carbon emissions.

By completing analysis carbon footprint calculations can result in certifications from the following industry bodies

Save on third party consultancy costs

You are in control. Our simplified data entry process does not require any special knowledge beyond running your own operations. You don’t need to be an expert in carbon footprint or hire an environmental consultant to get certification.

Smart, simple and green.

Designed for all vineyards

Any kind of vineyard, regardless of size can benefit from our software. A single license can save you money, reduce costs and help you open new markets.

Works for ALL Wines

Choose from 46 different production processes, 13 different varietals and more…

Traceability of complex wine production processes from the vine, pressing, maceration, ripening coupage, tillage and more.

Platform can be adapted to your production methods and your processes for every kind of vineyard.

WINEKIA can calculate the carbon footprint of the following wines (*):

  • Red, White and Rosé wine
  • Bourru
  • “Txakoli”
  • “Cava”
  • Semi-Sparkling wine
  • Sparkling wine
  • Reinforced wine
  • “Generoso” wine
  • Brown Sherry (“Oloroso”)
  • Sweet wine
  • “Moscatel”
  • Mistelle
  • Pedro Ximénez

(*) For other kind of wines, please contact us: info@winekia.com

WINEKIA allows you to calculate bottled wines as well as bulk and other formats (Brick, bag in box, etc.)