Included Services


All wines – All certifications

The service of carbon footprint calculation is offered by accessing the Winekia platform online through any device.

Access will be by username and password. The license of Winekia service will have an annual usage period from the date of hire.

The service can be renewed after 30 days prior to maturity.

The license will be for winery for a user and will allow the calculation of carbon footprint for all wines under the 3 international calculation standards (ISO 14067, PAS 2050 y GHG Protocol)


The Winekia service will be constantly updated: adapting to changing environmental regulations in the current certifications, adding new certifications (ecological footprint, water footprint, etc.) and applying innovative improvements and technological advances.


Recruitment of Winekia service provides the product warranty in the contract period and main certifying companies guarantee our calculations.


By hiring the Winekia service you have backup of the data entered to the platform, software maintenance and support for queries related to the platform.

Additional Services


The Winekia service will provide documentation and training videos so you can make the process of calculating the carbon footprint of your wines.

In addition there is the possibility of hiring personalized On-Line or face-to-face training.


A specialized consultant can be hired to accompany the process of entering data into the platform.


It is possible to hire a specialized support to respond the issues related to environmental regulation, data analysis, and implementation of best practices or improvements.